Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Romantic & Idol Season 2 - Kevin & Predictions

Today, let's take a break from all the heartache of Romantic & Idol...
well, not exactly a break but yeah...sort of...

so, as you probly know, Romantic & Idol Season 2 has been rumoured for quite sometime already.
and seems it has been confirmed...

Females:•G.Na•Eunyoung (TWO X)•Yang Jiwon (SPICA)•Yewon (Jewelry) 

Males:•N (VIXX)•Minhyuk (BTOB)•Jonghun (FT Island)•Kevin (ZE:A)

wow. 3 of the guys are 90'er, and Kevin is the eldest, 88'er
as for the girls, G-na leading the age, 87'er, followed by Jiwon(88'er), Yewon(89'er), Eunyoung(92'er)

 so...yeah...most of the cast from same management as Season one, Gna/BtoB-Cube-4minute, Two-X-Mblaq management comp(rite?), Jewelry/ZE:A-Star Empire-Hyungsik,
and i was disappointed no dsp representative esp Rainbow girls again since these girls need more promotion activity and they have awesome personalities which to me, is a major point in such shows...didn't Seunga did well in season 1? or did she do badly that they didn't want Rainbow member again? that was my thought at first....but after seeing what happened the past weeks...i won't be surprised. She's the one who got all the worst luck. maybe it's good thing afterall...what if another of those sweet girls have to go through these shit. though for some members, i'm sure they'd have better luck.

Aaaaanyway, there's KEVIN!!! of all the members, Kevin. i'm not too fond of having Kevin rite after Hyungsik, because their personality aren't all that different. in fact, Kevin, might just be the next season's Hyungsik. and as for the next Jihyun...i'm predicting Jiwon(Spica)..she has the beauty that would be popular with guys. or she could be the next Jei since she'a noona with youthful looks n if she can be cute, then she's definitely gonna be the trend. As for pairing, i'm predicting Kevin will be paired with either G-na or Jiwon. they're so gonna milk it off the cheesy way they did with Hyungsik-Jihyun....guhhh, please don't kill me with boredom to death again. Not Kevin. He's one of my top favourite members and I can't imagine seeing him without personality like i've seen Hyungsik. no. Usually, i'm not a fan of coupling boys and girls from same company but in this case, i'm giving exception for Kevin n Yewon. I'd like to see these two together. Because they have vastly different personality. and you know I'm a fan of opposites attract theory rather than two pretty n boring *coughs* so called romantic people together beeing lamely 'so-called romantic' while talking about how real they are all the time, no. please. not again.

Speaking of Yewon, i'm predicting next season's Seungah(aka, the cheerful/outgoing, kind, yet unlucky one) is either Yewon or G-Na. Both girls have funny, outgoing image, and G-na has the extra baggage of age that people would make as stupid excuse for the guys to dislike her. i don't really know Two-X at all...but i'm guessing the girl could have decent popularity in the show...maybe like Hyejeong if she's lucky to be paired with someone like Jun.K n if she's refreshing n frank, or maybe she can be as unexpectedly popular as Jei if she's charming n cute enough. hmm, for some reason i suddenly want to see Jooyeon(aka Baby J from Jewelry) in this show. she's gonna be so awesome methinks.

and speaking of Jun.K....next season's Jun.K could probly be Jonghun. i dunno much of Vixx nor BtoB. maybe one of them could surprise and be the next Hyungsik, boring/romantic personalities are easy to be carried out imo. Kevin might be cross between Hyungsik/Jun.K. but question is...which guy will be the unique one like Mir or the baddie like JB? or maybe Jonghun has the potential to be a cross between Jun.K/Mir/JB? a bit of each? i'm just guessing...

I know you're gonna say, why can't they just have their own personalities without being compared to season 1?
well, i'm just throwing possibilities roughly.
it's not impossible for them to create new season with sample from season 1
do you really believe everything in season 1 is unscripted? i don't.
anyway, they might create new template of 'characters' for season two...who knows?
i really want to believe season 1 is completely real...bcuz some people do look real/genuine....but things get too dramatic or unnaturally n awkwardly cheesy for people who just met for less than four days n sometimes, that i get iffy...so my opinion on how real it is......no opinion, i just don't believe it's totally unscripted. that's all.

i'm really hoping Kevin would pair with
1. more than just one destiny girl *yawwwn*
2. an awesome girl with good personality that makes me root for her

i'm not jealous fangirl...but of course i want to see them with girls i find likable. n it all goes back to personality. hoping for the best!

so....what can we have today?
Kevin picspam. for those who might not know him....here ya go~

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